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Electronic Cigarette’s Health and Safety Problems



A revolutionary new, healthier smoking alternative to tobacco, invented by a former consultant cardiologist from Leeds, has scooped yet another global award.


Dr David Xiu’s clever concept, the Modern Electronic Cigarette, has just secured its sixth gold medal of 2011, this time from the judges at the 4th International Invention Fair in the Middle East (IIFME) held in Kuwait on November 21-24.


His win in the health category at the IIFME means experts from around the world have recognised the benefits The Modern Electronic Cigarette, a tobacco alternative that does contain Nicotine, but none of the other toxins associated with smoking such as tar and cancer-causing carcinogens, can bring in the fight to reduce smoking-related illnesses.


Of this latest award, Dr Xiu said: “We are delighted that another international panel of experts at another very important exhibition has seen the great health potential of my patented Modern Electronic Cigarette and awarded us a gold medal. This follows our successes at other prestigious invention shows this year in Geneva, London, Nuremberg and Pennsylvania.”


Dr Xiu is the managing director and founder of Superdragon Group, a company based in Leeds that supplies acupuncture needles, herbal and healthcare products, counting many NHS Trusts among its customers.


His award-winning e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by way of a vaporized solution. While no tobacco, smoke or combustion is involved in its operation, it still has the feel and taste of the real thing and is socially acceptable in public places such as bars, pubs and restaurants.


Smoking-related diseases kills around 10 million people in the world each year and while there is already a plethora of well-known Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products in the UK, such as gum and patches, the Department of Health reports that the average number of people who die in England annually from smoking is still around 80,000.


Dr Xiu has developed the Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) which he claims will be more effective in getting smokers to ditch the ash, potentially saving the NHS in England over £440million a year on treating smoking and passive-smoking related illnesses.


His innovative new product has won gold medals in 2011 at the prestigious iENA International Trade Fair for Inventions and New Products held in Nuremberg, Germany, the 39th international Exhibition of Invention in Geneva, INPEX USA Invention Show and two awards at the British International Invention and Design Show in London, in addition to the success at IIFME.


Dr Xiu, who originally trained as an engineer in his native China before qualifying as a doctor, came to the UK 20 years ago. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a former consultant cardiologist. He worked for the World Health Organisation in the Seychelles prior to completing his further graduate studies at Hammersmith Hospital. He was then employed by a private healthcare group in Northern Ireland before setting up his own business.


During his medical career he has witnessed at first hand the devastating effects conventional smoking is having on society, both in terms of people’s health and the huge financial cost to health services. This, coupled with a passion for innovation due to his engineering background, convinced him to develop and patent the modern electronic cigarette.


In fact, Dr Xiu has been designing smoking alternatives since 1999 and he currently holds six worldwide patents for electronic cigarettes, including the UK and China. He is convinced that ENDS will appeal to smokers because of the similar attributes his electronic version has to a conventional cigarette.


In addition to helping smokers change to a healthier lifestyle, an electronic cigarette can save them money – one cartridge gives between 280-350 puffs, the equivalent to a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes – while there are also environmental benefits as burning tobacco contributes to climate change.


Dr Xiu’s Modern Electronic Cigarette has captured the imagination of scientists and fellow innovators from around the world. It is a valuable tool aimed at persuading tobacco users that there is a healthier smoking alternative just as enjoyable as the traditional ‘lighting up’ method.


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