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The e-cigarette is a device designed to simulate the process of smoking. It looks like a cigarette, and the end lights up when you inhale, but avoids many of the harmful effects of ordinary cigarettes. So how does it work?

Well, the white end of the e-cig is the lithium battery container. Two of these are provided, so you should never be without your e-cigarette. The vapouriser part is screwed into the battery, and the filter tip element is the container for your selected strength of nicotine. What you inhale is not smoke, but vapor containing nicotine. However, when you exhale the vapor is present – and resembles smoke.

When you inhale, you activate the electronic circuits contained within the cigarettes. This initiates the vaporization process – and makes the end of the cigarette glow red. When you cease inhaling the vaporization will finish, with the cigarette returning to standy mode. The cigarette is battery operated, and can be recharged using the equipment provided.

The nicotine itself is contained in cartridges, which come in strengths of medium, low – and zero strength. You can also purchase high strength, although we reccomend smoking the lowest amount of nicotine you can.

A healthy or healthier cigarette?

Note that this is not a healthy cigarette. Nicotine is in of itself a chemical that can damage the body. However, unlike other cigarettes the mini-cigarette does not contain tar or the hundreds of other chemicals that can be found in cigarettes.

Other reasons for smoking the mini-cigarette

Not everyone wants to give up smoking, but some may wish to have try an alternative to ordinary smoking. Not only are the cigarettes free of tobacco and tar, they can be used in pubs or in offices – meaning no more huddling in the rain or the cold British weather! Oh, and there’s one more benefit – it is far, far cheaper than smoking an old fashioned ordinary cigarette!

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