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Electronic Cigarette’s Health and Safety Problems

Why the Copycat’s Products Have the Health and Safety Problems

First the safety issue:
Recently an American man suffered a severe injury in his mouth due to an electronic cigarette battery exploding and officials say a faulty battery is probably the cause of the blast.

It is probably a copycat’s electronic cigarette where no care is taken about the products’ quality. The reason for the battery blast maybe explained as follows;

One, is like the USA officials said, a faulty battery, and another reason is the possibility that the electronic cigarette has no over discharge protection programme in the IC card. Once the user continues to suck the electronic cigarette, the battery over discharges and in turn will cause the battery to overheat.

We are the only UK electronic cigarette patent holder and our patented Modern Electronic cigarette is equipped with a high quality battery, which in all cases, have been carefully checked and tested from our manufacturing plant before entering the market place.

Our batteries have the overcharge protection programmed and also the over discharge protection programmed into our IC card which will prevent any such accident happening.

This is why we strongly recommend that you do not buy the electronic cigarette from copycat manufacturers and check with the company before you buy to make sure that they have all the necessary certificates and legal documents for this product.

Secondly there is a health issue with the copycat’s electronic cigarette atomizer and cartridge called the ‘cartomizer’. The following is the difference between our patented electronic cigarette and the copycat’s cartomizer;

Our Patented Modern Electronic Cigarette’s atomizer.

Our Patented Modern Electronic Cigarette Atomizer & Cartridge–Tankomizer.

This is our Patented Modern Electronic Cigarette’s tankomizer with a 100% sealed tank cartridge design. The E-liquid in the tank cartridge stays pure which is much more hygienic. It will not mix with heated wires and soldering points (which contains lead) etc and the E-liquid does not make contact with any chemical fibers and sponge and chemical insulating materials.

It also does not make contact with the steel shell (the nicotine would react with iron in the steel shell) like the cartomizer does, thus won’t become contaminated by the harmful materials which can be dangerous to consume or inhale as vapor. This is a very serious health issue.

The Patented Modern Electronic tank cartridge is a unique design, which the keeps E-liquid very pure and will increase the shelf life of up to 3 years. The copycat’s electronic cigarette cartridge called the cartomizer has a shelf life of only a few months.


The Copycat’s Electronic Cigarette atomizer and cartridge called Cartomizer (please see the bellows internal structural design).

This is a Copycat’s Electronic Cigarette’s atomizer and cartridges called cartomizer and copycat’s disposable electronic cigarette also using the same internal structure as cartomizer’s design.

The connected wires, heater wires, soldering points (which contain lead), chemical fibers and sponge, chemical insulating materials, are all marinated in the E-liquid since being manufactured, and the steel shell is made of iron which can react with Nicotine and other chemical materials in the E-liquid which can be a considerable amount of time.

The E-liquid becomes contaminated by the heated material with heavy metal elements including lead, which can be dangerous to consume or inhale as vapor. As we know the e-liquid is very active and an unstable liquid, especially if it contains nicotine.

The above illustration and comparison clearly shows that our Patented Modern Electronic Cigarette design is pure and clean and much healthier than the copycat’s electronic cigarette atomizer and cartridge called cartomizer. For your health issue we recommend that you open the cartomizer or disposable electronic cigarette (cartridge part) to see by yourself if you have it. And you can make your own decision to buy patented Modern Electronic Cigarette or copycat’s electronic cigarette.

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