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These Cartridges are for the Vaporette Black stick but will also fit all the Modern Electronic Cigarette products including Ecig, GreenCig, Vaporette-Black stick and Vaporette-Blue stick.  The Modern Electronic Cigarette(MEC)  is a unique and much better-designed e – cigarette / personal vaporizer.

  • There is a separate 100% sealed cartridge and a separate atomizer, unlike current single-unit electronic cigarettes that have cartomizers with heavy metal elements mixing with the e-liquid.
  • The Liquid in cartridge stays pure and it will not mix with heated wires, soldering points and won’t become contaminated by heated material, which can be dangerous to consume or inhale via vapors.
  • Lasts longer: two to three years shelf life, compared to a few months for current electronic cigarettes with unsealed cartomizers (cartridges).
  • Extra large cartridges which are equivalent to 2-3 normal size cartridges.

You will get 300–400 puffs from 1 capsule which is the equivalent to 20 / 30  normal tobacco cigarettes.

Pack contains:  3 box of 10 cartridges which is equivalent to 30 packs of 20 tobacco cigarettes .

All cartridges boxes are child proof boxes.

Please make a note of which flavor you would like either Tobacco flavor or Menthol flavor and both do not contain nicotine,.

If you prefer contain nicotine cartridges, please visit “Cartridge for Modern Electronic Cigarette”

Please note the colour of the tip is brown and will fit to the Blue and Black stick.


Electronic Cigarette Patents No. GB 2 466 758 (UK Patent).

Worldwide electronic cigarette patents No. WO/2009/105919; & WO/2011/130886

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