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Superdragon has established a reputation for providing high quality health care products and a high level of professional services to the UK NHS & health care industry since 2003.

It set up a new 10,000 square foot warehouse and administrative facilities in North England in 2004, making it one of the largest leading TCM suppliers in the UK.

Superdragon has been supplying medical equipments, acupuncture needles and its accessories as well as health care products to the NHS (National Health Service) since 2005. Which include hundreds hospitals, GP surgeries, and physiotherapies’ centres, and thousands TCM private clinics as well as health care centres.

Superdragon became a RHCM (Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine) & ATCMUK (Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK) one of a few approved suppliers since 2006. And Approved and registered as an ISO9001:2000 quality control System Company in 2007 – the first and only  one in the TCM industries in UK.

Superdragon is the only Modern Electronic Cigarette patents holder in UK and has developed to a new device for helping smokers to quit smoking, called the “Electronic Nicotine Delivery System-ENDS”. Commercial name called “QuikQuit Black Stick”. Which has been registered as medical device in UK (MHRA Ref.: CA010364). It will help the smoker to quit smoking in natural way.

We won 6 international Gold Medals in 2011, they are  Gold medal at the 39th  International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva 2011, Gold medal in the INPEX USA Invention Show 2011, double gold medals of British International Invention and Design for the year 2011 London And gold medal of iENA Invention and New Products International Show of Nuremberg, and gold medal at 4th International Invention Fair Middle East 2011

We have our own manufacturing plant in China and we can control and guarantee all our products are top quality.  Please visit our manufacturer’s video.


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